Home from Seattle & Appointment tomorrow

Our Time in Seattle
We had a wonderful time together in Seattle and got to do and see so much! Sunday and Monday we spent the day in Downtown Seattle. We went to the Space Needle, Colombia Center Skyview (you can go to the 73rd floor of this building and see an incredible view of Seattle), the Aquarium and Tully’s Coffee Shop. We walked basically everywhere we went but did ride the buses some and used the Monorail once. We enjoyed one particular part of the city where Tully’s was located and went there many times to rest and let Dave enjoy a good cup of coffee! On Tuesday (our anniversary) we took a boat up to Victoria, Canada for the day! That was an adventure as the wind was high that day and the boat ride was rough at times. I was fine as long as I kept my eyes on the horizon. Interesting how that really does work.

Before we hit those ruff waters, we booked a 3-Hour Whale Watching Tour. I was really nervous about going back out into the seas since it was so windy. But we survived and did get to see some beautiful wildlife out at sea. Although this particular tour has 90% average of seeing whales, we ended up in the 10% that don’t get to see whales. 🙁 But we still enjoyed the tour (minus the rough waters at times) and are so glad we had the privilege of seeing all we did see. We took some gorgeous pictures out there. I counted up the hours we spent at sea and it totaled 8 hours! No wonder when we were lying in bed that night trying to go to sleep we felt like we were still rocking at sea.

We are grateful for a wonderful first year anniversary trip, but we are even more grateful for our absolutely wonderful first year of marriage. We were told by many people on many occasions that the first year of marriage is always one of the toughest but our first year has been one of the best years of our lives! What a blessing for both Dave and me to have grown up in a home witnessing the godly example of marriage through the marriages of our very own parents. Now being married for a year, I realize what a tremendous blessing that was/is for both of us.

Clomid Update
Today was Day 5 of Clomid pills and I am happy to report I have not experienced any of the negative side effects from taking the medication. Thanks for praying! Tomorrow is the big day where I go for an ultrasound to see how my ovaries have reacted to the Clomid. Keep praying Dr. L sees those 2-3 maturing follicles in there!

If everything goes well tomorrow, insemination day is only 6 days away! Pray, Pray, Pray!

Everything on GO for Cycle 1

Today I had the first ultrasound to check my ovaries. Dr. L was checking to make sure there are no cysts and no follicles developing at this time. Everything looked great, he said, and we can now officially start Cycle One!

I also discussed my concerns with high order multiples. Dr. L told me that the majority of the women I have read about who have had 4 and 5 babies at a time were probably taking Clomid, doing injectibles as well and not being monitored. When I asked him how many quads and quints he’s had in his practice he told me that women doing the treatment I am doing have one baby and at the most, twins. He told me multiples scare him too and that is not his goal. He said his goal is to help couples have one healthy baby at a time and, occasionally, twins do happen. In hearing him say this I gained even more respect for him as a doctor and his ethical ways of practicing medicine. I feel very blessed and thankful that God has allowed our paths to cross with Dr. L.

So our next step is taking 50mg of Clomid for 5 days. I start taking the Clomid on Sunday. Dr. L told me he wants to see 2-3 mature follicles when I come back for my second ultrasound on May 23rd. Any more follicles than that and there is a high risk for triplets or more. The cycle would be canceled if that were the case.

I am excited the time is getting closer and closer. I know statistically there is a small chance we will get pregnant on our first cycle of IUI. There is only a 10% chance of conceiving on Cycle One of IUI and when you really sit back and think about that, it’s hardly a chance at all. I haven’t really tried to focus on the statistical aspects of all this. It honestly seems irrelevant to me because I know where I was 3 to 4 months ago and I know where God has brought me today and, most importantly, I know where He has promised to take me in the future.

Which brings me to my next post…

Schedule for Cycle 1 of IUI

Dr. L and his nurses and staff are a fabulous group of people! The calendar of events that my nurse H said she was making for me yesterday arrived in the mail TODAY!

This schedule is very tentative as it is all dependent on how my ovaries react to the Clomid.

Monday, May 12 – First ultrasound @ 8am (This is to check for cysts on ovaries.)
**Everything looked great! There were no cysts and no mature follicles, which is exactly what Dr. L wanted to see!

Sunday, May18 – Thursday, May 22 – I take 50mg of Clomid per day. (This is to stimulate ovaries to get ideally 2-3 follicles ready for ovulation.)
**Clomid arrived in the mail May 14th, right on schedule!

Friday, May 23 – Second ultrasound (to monitor follicles)
**Three maturing follicles for ovulation! (one 9mm in right ovary and two 8mm in left ovary)

Tuesday, May 27 – Third ultrasound (to monitor follicles); Receive injection of hCG (to induce ovulation)
**Right ovary has one 11mm follicle and two 6mm follicles, left ovary “not visualized” and “free fluid” seen. Blood work done to see if I had already ovulated. Results show no ovulation. Insemination postponed for further ultrasound monitoring.

Wednesday, May 28 – First insemination

Thursday, May 29 – Second insemination

Thursday, May 29 – Fourth ultrasound (to monitor follicles)
**Left ovary has one follicle 15mm. Right ovary has one follicle 13mm.

Friday, May 30 – Fifth ultrasound (to monitor follicles)
**Left follicle about 15mm. Possible stalled growth for right follicle. Proceeding with hCG shot and insemination.

Saturday, May 31 – First insemination
**Could not do.

Sunday, June 1 – Second insemination
**Could not do.

Cycle 1 begins…

When Dr. L told me he would like for me to get on birth control I looked at him like he had lost his mind. I am trying to get pregnant – not prevent a pregnancy! But after he chuckled at my reaction he explained the reasons and it all made sense.

Being on birth control (BC) before doing an IUI cycle, has 3 benefits:
1. BC keeps testosterone levels lower, which tend to be elevated in someone with polysistic ovaries.
2. BC can prevent cysts from developing on the ovaries which makes it difficult for eggs to be released at ovulation.
3. BC allows my cycle to be programmed which in turn optimizes timing when doing the IUI.

Dr. L wants me to be on birth control for a minimum of 2 weeks to suppress my ovaries before doing the IUI. A nurse called me today and told me she will be my nurse throughout this process. She told me she is making me a calendar of events and will be mailing the calendar and my prescription for Clomid to me in the next few days. Her name is H.

I am excited! This is what I have been waiting for for 8 months now. No, actually A LOT longer than that. A picture from a long, long time ago just flashed in my mind. I was about 6 or 7 years old, standing in the dining room of my parents’ house. I had this overly large sweater on and had stuffed a ball up the sweater to be “pregnant”. Lord willing, one day soon, it will be the real deal, and no longer just pretend.