First Insemination

The procedure was easy and painless and took only 5 minutes!

And now there are 16 million sperm swimming around, hanging around and waiting. Dr. L was very pleased with the good “fluffy” uterine lining, healthy follicle and the 16 million sperm count for insemination.

We will repeat the same procedure tomorrow morning.

And then comes the two-week wait.


Insemination Day Begins!

The best way to describe how I feel about today is I feel a tremendous peace that I know comes from my Heavenly Father.

We are here at the doctor’s office. We will be using a mixture of fresh and frozen sperm which is the best possible scenario. Praise the Lord!

They will be calling me back soon to begin the procedure. Dave will go with me.

Thank you for your prayers. I know that is why I feel peace. Keep praying us through today!

Inseminating Tomorrow and Monday

Dr. L did the ultrasound this morning and found a beautiful 18mm follicle that is ready for ovulation. It looks like we will have just one follicle ready for ovulation as the others are only measuring at 11mm, 9mm and 8mm.

They really want to see the follicles at 18mm before administering the hCG shot so this 18mm follicle in the left ovary is perfect. (Last cycle, the follicle only grew to 15mm.)

I will receive the hCG shot tonight at 9:30pm. And then we will be inseminating on Sunday, July 20 and Monday, July 21. As I was leaving this morning Dr. L said, “I’ll be here tomorrow so I’ll see you in the morning!” It is a blessing that Dr. L will be doing the procedure.

Thanks for praying me through this phase of the process. Please continue to pray that God will allow conception to take place in the next few days.

4 Follicles and a Delay

At today’s ultrasound I had S! She is so awesome and I told her that today and she got teary eyed. She is just one of those people you can tell loves her job and desires to do everything right. She goes the extra mile.

S found three follicles in the left ovary that are 12.5mm, 10mm and 10mm. She also found one 9mm follicle in the right ovary. My ovaries were, as usual, hard to find but she is so persistent and found them.

The follicles are growing – just slowly. S told me slow growth is much better than fast growth (or no growth) because if they grew too fast they would ovulate before we had time to inseminate.

So the plan now is for me to have two more injections of the hormone FSH and to postpone insemination. And really, my phobia of needles, shots, drawing blood and anything of the sorts is about totally gone since I have been poked countless times in this process.

Even though the doctor expects patients to inject themselves, God has provided me with several people with nursing experience to do the job for me. I just cannot bring myself to actually inject my own skin. Who knows? Maybe by the end of all this, daily sticking my stomach with a needle will be no different from brushing my teeth. In the meantime, I am forever grateful to those who are doing it for me now.

Saturday I will go back to have another ultrasound to again monitor the growth of these 4 follicles. After that appointment, I will know better when insemination day will be. And of course, I’ll keep you posted and I just ask that you keep praying!

Three Follicles…off to a good start

There are three follicles in the left ovary. Two are 9mm and one is 6mm.

Dr. F did the ultrasound today. For some reason he has a hard time seeing my ovaries. He found the left ovary but then didn’t really get a good picture on the right ovary. So he just said he didn’t see any follicles over there as of today. So maybe at the next ultrasound there will be some follicles on the right ovary as well.

I will start the shots of the hormone FSH tonight to help the follicles grow and to hopefully have more than one follicle ready for ovulation.

Thursday I go back for another ultrasound.

So as Dr. F said, “Things look good and you are right on schedule.”

Going Home Tomorrow

We leave Ridgecrest tomorrow morning. It is always sad to leave but I know we obviously can’t stay here forever. And we’ve got business to attend to when we return! 🙂

Today was the last day of Clomid. I really haven’t spent much time thinking about cycle 2. I guess I am just really trying to focus on one day at a time, which is easier to do when all you have to do is pop a Clomid pill everyday and pray it does it’s job. It’s so much harder to trust God during the ultrasounds when something doesn’t quite go as expected.

Well, the next time I write will probably be Monday when I give the report on how many follicles are growing! Until then…pray and pray some more!

109 Million

There are two things were are doing differently this cycle. 1) I am getting three additional injections to hopefully help more follicles develop. 2) We are freezing sperm to have on supply incase a fresh sample is not available for insemination day.

We have 109 million sperm (of Dave’s) frozen for use on July 18/19!! This is a huge PRAISE THE LORD! This is another confirmation from the Lord that He is in control of all things. We just must trust Him.

Cycle 2 begins

Here we go…onto cycle two.

I went for the first ultrasound this morning and everything looked great (no cysts and no follicles). So we are set to move forward with cycle 2.

It’s a little scary heading into this next cycle not knowing what each appointment and ultrasound will bring. There are a million scenarios running through my head. Last cycle, it seemed we were on a constant roller coaster of ups and downs. But this is exactly where God likes to see us – in a situation where we have no choice but to trust Him.

Just pray God’s Will be done in everything to happen this cycle. And pray for strength to trust in Him, regardless the circumstances.

Schedule for Cycle 2 of IUI

Today I recieved in the mail the revised schedule for Cycle 2!

Here it is:

Monday, June 30 – 1st ultrasound (to make sure there are no cysts or developing follicles)
**Everything looks perfect. No cysts and no follicles. Cycle 2 on go.

Tuesday, July 8 – Saturday, July 12 – Take 50mg of Clomid daily (to stimulate follicle growth)

Monday, July 14 – 2nd ultrasound (to monitor follicle growth)
**Two 9mm follicles and one 6mm follicle in left ovary.

Monday, July 14 – Wednesday, July 16 – 1 vial of FSH hormone daily (This is an injection that will help multiple follicles mature and develop. The hope here is that I will have 2-3 follicles ready for ovulation unlike last cycle where I had only one follicle mature enough for ovulation.)
**I will have an additional 2 vials of FSH hormone on Thursday, July 17 and Friday, July 18.

Thursday, July 17 – 3rd ultrasound (to monitor follicle growth), hCG injection (This injection will induce ovulation and I will recieve this injection if follicles are ready for ovulation induction on this day.)
**Three follicles in left ovary (12.5mm, 10mm, 10mm) and one follicle in right ovary (9mm); hSG shot and insemination delayed to allow for further follicle growth.

Friday, July 18 – first insemination

Saturday, July 19 – second insemination

Saturday, July 19 – 4th ultrasound (to monitor follicle growth)
**One dominant follicle in left ovary (18mm); recieve hCG shot at 9:30pm

Sunday, July 20 – first insemination
**Inseminated with 16 million sperm.

Monday, July 21 – second insemination
**Inseminated with 7.7 million sperm.

August 2008 – Elaine goes in for Blood Work
**Negative. Not pregnant. 🙁

Update on Cycle 2 & Prayer Time with Family

I will not be in town on Cycle Day 2 or 3 so I will use birth control this cycle.

We are having a wonderful time in Texas! Last night Dave and I sat in chairs and everyone came around us and prayed for us concerning our desire to be parents. It was very meaningful. I am so blessed to be in a family where prayer is taken seriosly and everyone understands the importance of praying. Many of the family said how much they enjoy reading this blog and knowing specifically how to pray. When I started the blog back in March that was my purpose – to create a way to keep people informed about everything so they can know how to pray specifically. Thank you so much for reading and then praying. That makes all the difference in the world.

We also prayed for Uncle Guy, Aunt Elena and Vanessa as they are returning to Brazil next week to continue their missionary service in Rio planting churches.

It will be 18 months before all three sisters and their families will be together again. In December of 2005, Uncle Guy said, “Well the next time we are together it will be for Cristina’s wedding next summer, unless of course one of you other kids marries before then.” Little did we know at that time I would meet and marry Dave before we all flew down to Brazil for Cristina’s wedding. So last night Uncle Guy said, “Well the next time we are together Dave and Elaine will hopefully no longer be just two, but three!”

My nurse will be putting together the schedule for Cycle 2 sometime this week. I will post it when I get it.

Begin praying now that God’s will be done in this cycle, for His Glory, and that we rely on His peace, moment by moment.