Q Week!

Little Bug painted with a Q-tip on the letter Qq.


We made a handprint quilt.


We played with pattern blocks and made a quilt.


Little Bug played a Quiet and Loud game. She put all the “Loud” and “Quiet” cards together.


We learned about quarters…and nickels, dimes and pennies. I taught Little Bug the name of each coin. Then she placed each coin on this paper next to its name.


I taught her that four quarters make one dollar. I gave her a bunch of quarters and told her to put them in groups of 4. Then she had to figure out how many dollars she had!


We played “Quarter Toss”.


I cut the letter Q out of foam paper, gave Little Bug a hand full of quarters and told her to try and throw the quarters so that they would land in the middle of the letter Q. She got some in, but most of them flew everywhere but into the Q!


Little Bug put the quilts in size order from biggest to smallest.


Little Bug made a Q-tip dandelion.



I asked Little Bug some Questions and wrote down her responses!

Here is how it went (she was playing with Play-Doh while I asked her these questions):

What is your name? [She said her name the adorable way she says it.]

How old are you? Free.

What is your favorite song? Jesus Loves Me (I have been singing this song to her basically since birth!)

What is your favorite color? Pint. (Pink)

Who is your best friend? Jesus

What is your favorite food? Jesus (Can we say…distracted?) I asked her again and she said, “I’m busy rolling this.”

What is your favorite book? Disney. (She will sit and listen to loooooong stories. It is amazing that she has the attention span for this.)

What do you want to be when you grow up? Tall.

What is your favorite animal? Giraffe.

Who is your favorite person? She looked straight at me and pointed!

Little Bug Speaks

While making sugar-free oatmeal cookies with Grandma, Little Bug tasted some of the batter and then proclaimed, “That is delectable!”


Bisa (my 80+ year old grandmother) arrived for dinner at my parents’ house one night. Little Bug excitedly ran to the door to greet her saying, “Bisa, come play with me in my room!” (She calls the room she naps in ‘her room’. It is upstairs.)

Bisa said, “Oh Bisa can’t walk up steps.”

Little Bug said, “I will help you Bisa! Come on!”


We are replacing the carpet in the living room and putting hardwood in the hallway leading to the bedrooms. The man came to take measurements. As the man was measuring the hallway, Little Bug asked me, “Mommy, is he mean?”


Little Bug was sitting at the kitchen table playing with Play-Doh while I was feeding Sweet Pea. She decided she was done with Play-Doh and said, “Mommy! Mommy!! Please get me down!” Pause. “If you don’t I will huff and puff and blow your house down!!”


My mom was putting Little Bug to bed one night when she told Little Bug, “Goodnight! Sleep tight! Don’t let the skitters bite!”

Little Bug, already snuggled down in her crib ready to go to sleep, popped up immediately and said, “SKITTERS?!?! What Skitters??”

My mom had to explain to Little Bug that there were no “skitters” in her bedroom and that was just something that her Daddy used to tell her before going to bed and something that Grandma used to tell Little Bug’s Mommy.

Once Little Bug realized there were no skitters in her room, she settled back down and went to sleep.


Little Bug said to her Daddy, “Open your eyes, big and round!” Then she said, “Oooh!! They’re kind of green or something!”

Then she said, “Open your mouth big and wide!” She looked in her Daddy’s mouth and said, “Oooh! You have some big teeth in there!”

Little Bug Speaks

I wish I was better at recording the sweet, cute, smart and funny things Little Bug says literally every single day! I say I will remember, but then time goes by and I forget. I hate that! There are so many things I wish I had written down. I need to figure out a system to get these things written down before I forget them!

Here is what I can remember from recent days.

My mom wrote this on Facebook about Little Bug today at lunch:

Little Bug is a funny girl! She asked for a peanut butter spoon just before lunch. I told her to eat her lunch then she could have one. So when she was done she asked again for a peanut butter spoon. I said ok. I turned around to get the jar and when I turned back she had her tongue sticking way out. I asked, "What are you doing?”. She replied, "Ready to wick (lick) my peanut butter soon (spoon)!" I still had to get a spoon, open the jar and get the peanut butter out. She kept her tongue ready the whole time.


As we were leaving my parents’ house that same night Little Bug said from the backseat:

Goodbye, everyone! I will miss you! Don’t forget me!


A conversation between Little Bug and me as I was putting her to bed one night:
She said, "Mommy, I want you to get me a sled so I can go sledding with Grandpa."
Then I told her, "But we don’t have any snow here! Where are you going to get snow?"
I asked her "Does Uncle have snow?"
She said, "Uncle has snow. I will get on an airplane and zoom up to [state where Uncle is] to see Uncle. [State where Uncle is] is far away so I will have to get on an airplane to go see Uncle. But not now. It is night time now."


We were on a walk to the neighborhood park when suddenly Little Bug says, “But Mommy, my shoe is back der (there)!”

I looked back and her flip flop was lying on the sidewalk about 10 feet back.

I said, “Well, you better run go get it and put it back on!”

She ran back, picked up her flip flop and came back holding the flip flop like a baby, cradled in her arms.

And she was saying to her flip flop, “I will take care of you. Don’t worry!”

This is why

This is why


this is still set up in my bedroom


even though my child is almost 3.


I decided to give the girls a bath in my bathroom tonight. Mistake! When it was time to get Sweet Pea out and dressed I didn’t feel comfortable leaving Little Bug in the bathtub like I normally do when we are in Little Bug’s bathroom because my bathroom is so far away from Sweet Pea’s bedroom.

So, I got both girls out and then went to Sweet Pea’s room to dress her and put her in bed.

Meanwhile, Little Bug wandered off and dumped the contents of Sweet Pea’s bathtub onto the bathroom floor. Fortunately, the rug absorbed most of it.

Little Bug comes to find me and sweetly says, “Mommy I dumped Sweet Pea’s tub.”

I said, “Please tell me you didn’t!!” and ran to the bathroom to find, oh yes, she sure enough did.

I just laughed.

My mistake.

I knew I should have put her naked booty in the pack n play while I went to dress Sweet Pea!

Little Bug to a T and Buckets of Tears

The following sums up Little Bug to a T.

We were having some trouble with Independent Play recently. Little Bug was opening her closet and pulling out every.single.toy. in there and opening her drawers and pulling out sheets and clothing.

It was a HUGE mess that was taking over half an hour to clean up! When Sweet Pea came along I didn’t have half an hour to clean all that up.

She was also climbing over the gate in her door way during her playtime. She was making up every excuse known to man of why she needed to climb the gate. I was having to put her back in her room multiple times.

So now every day before her IP time I tell her, “Little Bug, no opening closets and drawers and no climbing the gate. Do play with your toys and do choose to be happy!”

That solved the problem.

A few weeks ago I found a play kitchen on Craigslist and it is now in Little Bug’s room. It is a pretty big one and she has enjoyed playing with it since we brought it home.

Well, today I hear her say, “Mommy, I knocked over my kitchen!” (Again, if you know Little Bug, she is just trying everything she can to get me to come to her room. She waits to poop every day during IP so I have to come change her diaper. I am not even kidding.)

So, I come running to her room and sure enough, there is her huge kitchen leaning on it’s side. I asked her why she knocked it over.

And then, Little Bug proclaims, “But Mommy, I didn’t open my closet, I didn’t open my drawers and I didn’t climb the gate!!”

That right there folks, is the epitome of my Little Bug.

That is all very true, Little Bug. Thanks.

Always pushing the limits, that child is.

And here is another example. But this, I love. Because my child experienced a natural consequence and, in my opinion, having your child experience a natural consequences is the best way to teach them a lesson on obedience.

Let me set the stage: It’s naptime. We are sitting in the rocking chair in the living room reading some books before going to bed.

Little Bug sees her beloved Frosty the Snowman sitting on the kitchen counter.


She wants to hold it while we read. I told her that was fine as long as she did not play the song while we are reading. I told her if she chose to push the button we would have to put him back on the counter.

She goes to get Frosty and we settle in for a book. In the middle of a sentence, the song begins to play.

I just think, But of course, she just HAD to make him sing.

So I stop reading and get up with Frosty in my hand and go put him back on the counter.

Let the waters fall. Little Bug was completely and utterly heartbroken.

But I want my Frosty, Mommy.

To which I said, “Well, Little Bug, I told you if you make him sing we will have to put him up. You chose to not obey Mommy and you pushed the button, so the consequence to your disobedience is that you can no longer hold Frosty right now.”

But I want my Frosty, Mommy. I really want him.

I can see how it would be so easy to give in and give her another chance after seeing her broken little heart and her big blue eyes gushing tears of sorrow.

I thought for a millisecond about giving her another chance. But, no.

She went to bed crying for her beloved Frosty.

In this life, we have boundaries and limits and if we chose to cross those boundaries and limits, there are consequences.

She might as well learn this lesson over a stuffed singing Frosty the Snowman than over some other situation down the road when she is older that might actually for real break her heart or harm her in some way.

Parenting is so much more complicated than I ever thought it was going to be.

We always say to Little Bug, “What are we going to do with you, Little Bug??”

And she replies, “Love me forever.”

Yes we will. We will love this girl forever, testing-the-limits and all. After all, everything I do as her mother is grounded in my love for her. I hope she understands that one day.

Our first day home

Our first day home was…busy, but wonderful!


Sweet Pea had her first appointment with the pediatrician this morning.

At 10 days old, Sweet Pea weighed in at 6lbs. 3oz. and was 19.25 inches long!


We have to take Sweet Pea for blood work (to check her levels from the rH factor at birth) on Monday and then a follow up appointment, along with her 2 week check up next Friday.

Today I had two goals:

1. Get Little Bug back on her routine at home.

2. Get Sweet Pea on Similac Allimentum formula.

I know getting Little Bug back into her routine (that will now naturally be somewhat different now that she has a baby sister) would not happen in one day, but we are off to a good start.

I was able to get Sweet Pea on the new formula. This is the formula my pediatrician recommends because it is most like breast milk. My plan was to mix the Enfamil Newborn with the Allimentum until she was on 100% Allimentum, but then after going to two stores that did not have a small can of the Enfamil, I gave up and just decided to see how she would do if I just gave her 100% Allimentum in her bottle.

She took right to it!


Since my mom’s house is a 10 minute drive from the pediatrician’s office, we stopped there on our way back home for the 2pm feed. My Grandmother drove over to meet Sweet Pea, her second great-grandchild, for the first time!


Little Bug ADORES her baby sister. She stayed with her Daddy while my mom and I took Sweet Pea to the doctor. When we returned, she bypassed us both in the hallway and with a VERY concerned little voice, she said, “Where is Sweet Pea? Where is Sweet Pea??” She seriously was concerned that we had taken her somewhere and not brought her back!

When I told her Sweet Pea was in her car seat sitting in the hallway, Little Bug immediately wanted to see her, hold her, give her a paci and put a blanket on her.

I hope this continues!


First Tigger Picture at 10 days old!

The NICU had Sweet Pea on a 3-4 hour feeding schedule. The nurses told me if she was sleeping past the 3 hour mark she could sleep all the way to 4 hours before her next feed, if she wanted. Sweet Pea pretty much was going the four hours between feeds in the NICU.

Today, however, I have put her on a 3 hour schedule because four hours just seems like a long time for a newborn to go without a feed and I would rather feed her more often during the day in hopes that she will do the 4 hour and eventually 5 to 6 hour stretches during the night.

So feeding schedule at 10 days old is 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm, 11pm and then I let her determine what time the feeds are through the night. (Last night it was another feed at 4am and then at 7:45am.) Obviously, if she is hungry before those times, I feed her, but so far she goes the 3 hours no problem.

I would like her morning wake time to be 8am because that will give me 30 minutes to feed Sweet Pea before Little Bug wakes up, but we will just have to see what Sweet Pea thinks is a good wake up time and go from there.

Speaking of wake up times. Little Bug awoke at 6:45am this morning, hollering, “Sweeeeeet Peeeeeea!!!” She could not wait to see her baby sister.

I hope this does NOT continue!


How am I?


And that, in and of itself, is another miracle!

I was soooooo uptight with Little Bug, but I guess that is pretty normal considering she was my first.

When I say that God changed my life by teaching me through my journey to #2 that HE is in control of EVERYTHING, not me, I really mean that God changed every aspect of my life.

My mom is staying with us helping out and I know that things will probably be a little (or a lot) crazy when it is just me taking care of both girls, but I really have a different perspective this time around.

Part of that is the simple fact that Sweet Pea is my second child and I just have a confidence that wasn’t there with Little Bug at birth (poor little guinea pig!), but the main difference is God has really done a work in my life through Sweet Pea’s adoption process that has helped me relinquish my need to control all things and realize Who really is in control.

I am one incredibly blessed woman. I thank God for these two precious miracles He has entrusted us with.

Little Bug Speaks

One day Little Bug was playing in the living room after breakfast. I was in the kitchen cleaning up. I looked up to see Little Bug dancing away even though there was no music playing. I like to think that she was just dancing away to the happiness in her heart!


Little Bug kept going to the hall closet saying, “Ovals!!” I didn’t know what she was talking about. I tried to get her to come on back to the living room area of the house but she was insistent on wanting the “ovals”. I finally realized what she was talking about. Little Bug wanted the Easter basket full of plastic eggs that was on the floor in the hall closet! We got them out and I taught her that they are Easter eggs and that, yes, they are oval shaped!


Little Bug was doing something naughty at the dinner table one night. Dave was handling the situation but was having a hard time keeping a serious composure because let’s just face it…sometimes when Little Bug is being naughty is just downright funny. He eventually had to just lay his head down on the table to hide his laughter and regain his composure to finish disciplining Little Bug.

Little Bug said, “Daddy taking nap.”


Little Bug found a squashed blueberry on her plate, held it up to me and said, “Ewwww! Doss! (Gross!)”

Little Bug Speaks

I have got to remember to do this more often!

This morning I put Little Bug in the playpen and told her, “We need to change your shirt before we go because you got crayons all over it!”

I went to her room to get another shirt and came back to this:


She was saying, “Help! Take hat off!”

Funny girl!