On the Super Fastrack

So Monday I find out I’m not pregnant, two days later I take ten tablets of Letrozole and two days after that (today), I have the second ultrasound.

And what do you know, there are two 15mm follicles in there – one in each ovary. Whoa!! This is only DAY FIVE of this cycle.

They gave me 1 vial of menopur this morning there at the doctor’s office, then I had 2 vials tonight and tomorrow night I will have another 2 vials. Sunday morning at 8am I will have another ultrasound. By early next week, we will be ready for insemination again! Crazy fast!

I think it is very obvious that God has orchestrated the timing of everything. From the very beginning of this journey to today. The “schedule” certainly didn’t have me ready to ovulate only a week into the cycle. But God’s schedule does.

I don’t know what God is up to – I can only go along for the ride. I know He gave me that sense of urgency to go ahead with the next IUI cycle this cycle. And like I prayed on Day 1 of this cycle, I know He knows how many follicles we need and how many sperm. I know now, more than ever, that He is in control here. Not the doctor and certainly not me.

I sense His Presence in all of this. So now I pray:

God, YOU have started this work in me and now I pray You will see it to completion. Amen!

2 Good Follicles!

All’s well that ends well…and everything that ends with God MUST end well.

There is a 20mm and 15mm follicle in the right ovary. I will receive the hCG shot tonight at 9pm to induce ovulation within 30-50 hours.

Our first insemination will be tomorrow at 9am. The second insemination will be Monday morning.

We have 246 million motile sperm frozen. Only 75 million of those are expected to survive the unfreeze. (There is a 30% return.) Considering in a normal conception only a few hundred sperm actually make it into the fallopian tubes, 75 million sperm is a HUGE blessing. (Last cycle we had only 23.7 million sperm swimming around in there.) Yes, prayer changes things.

September 29th will be the end of the 2-week wait.


This is a quick post to ask for prayer. I don’t know how many of you will read this in time to pray but those of you who do, please pray!

I went for my 8am ultrasound this morning and ended up sitting outside the building for an hour and 15 minutes waiting. No one ever showed up.

By God’s grace, I have the number of T. She is such a godsend. So I called her and explained the situation.

She apologized that I had been waiting so long and told me to come to the office at 2pm today because one of the doctors will be there for an embryo transfer.

So please pray…
* my ultrasound will be done at 2pm today.
* Dr. L will be the doctor on call today!

I’ll write more later. For now, I am going to Sam’s with my parents. Thanks for praying!

2 Follicles, possibly 3, still in the ball game

The right ovary has a 14mm and 12mm follicle. The left ovary has a 9mm.

My uterus lining is a “fluffy” 9mm, which is wonderful.

I will have one extra double-dose of menopur on Friday and go back for another monitoring ultrasound on Saturday morning. At this time, it looks like our insemination days will be Sunday, September 14th and Monday, September 15th.

Please continue to pray for follicle growth and that we will have 2-3 follicles ovulate.

And stay tuned for a post I’m going to write about prayer. God is teaching me some amazing things through this process.

2nd Ultrasound – 4 Follicles

S did the ultrasound today…well, sort of.

I went into the room as usual. Not long after I was situated and sitting on the table, in walked S and another woman. The other woman turned out to be a student nurse. S introduced us. Then the woman pulled up the stool and told me to go ahead and lay down. I was thinking, “Oh boy, this is going to be interesting with an inexperienced person trying to find my ovaries! But surely, S will be the one doing the ultrasound. I hope S is the one doing the ultrasound!”

But it was the other woman who sat on the stool and began the ultrasound. So I said to the woman, “My ovaries are very hard to find.” And S said with a chuckle, “I’ve already warned her!”

And so began a somewhat painful and the most uncomfortable ultrasound to date. As I was about to jump off the table, S put her hand on the ultrasound wand and helped guide it to my right ovary. Whew! I could breath again! In the right ovary we saw a 12mm follicle and 8mm follicle!

And so the wand was painfully moved to try to find the left ovary by this poor woman who I’m sure felt bad about all the pain she was causing me. As I was once again about to jump off the table or volunteer to find the ovary myself, the woman was getting up off the stool and S sat down to take over. You can probably imagine my relief (and the relief of that woman)!

In the left ovary we found two 7mm follicles!

The lining of my uterus is 8mm, which is perfect.

So everything looks good. I will go back for another ultrasound a day earlier than scheduled since that one follicle is already at 12mm. I will have the first injection of menopur tonight.

Thank you for praying!!

Inseminating Tomorrow and Monday

Dr. L did the ultrasound this morning and found a beautiful 18mm follicle that is ready for ovulation. It looks like we will have just one follicle ready for ovulation as the others are only measuring at 11mm, 9mm and 8mm.

They really want to see the follicles at 18mm before administering the hCG shot so this 18mm follicle in the left ovary is perfect. (Last cycle, the follicle only grew to 15mm.)

I will receive the hCG shot tonight at 9:30pm. And then we will be inseminating on Sunday, July 20 and Monday, July 21. As I was leaving this morning Dr. L said, “I’ll be here tomorrow so I’ll see you in the morning!” It is a blessing that Dr. L will be doing the procedure.

Thanks for praying me through this phase of the process. Please continue to pray that God will allow conception to take place in the next few days.

4 Follicles and a Delay

At today’s ultrasound I had S! She is so awesome and I told her that today and she got teary eyed. She is just one of those people you can tell loves her job and desires to do everything right. She goes the extra mile.

S found three follicles in the left ovary that are 12.5mm, 10mm and 10mm. She also found one 9mm follicle in the right ovary. My ovaries were, as usual, hard to find but she is so persistent and found them.

The follicles are growing – just slowly. S told me slow growth is much better than fast growth (or no growth) because if they grew too fast they would ovulate before we had time to inseminate.

So the plan now is for me to have two more injections of the hormone FSH and to postpone insemination. And really, my phobia of needles, shots, drawing blood and anything of the sorts is about totally gone since I have been poked countless times in this process.

Even though the doctor expects patients to inject themselves, God has provided me with several people with nursing experience to do the job for me. I just cannot bring myself to actually inject my own skin. Who knows? Maybe by the end of all this, daily sticking my stomach with a needle will be no different from brushing my teeth. In the meantime, I am forever grateful to those who are doing it for me now.

Saturday I will go back to have another ultrasound to again monitor the growth of these 4 follicles. After that appointment, I will know better when insemination day will be. And of course, I’ll keep you posted and I just ask that you keep praying!

Three Follicles…off to a good start

There are three follicles in the left ovary. Two are 9mm and one is 6mm.

Dr. F did the ultrasound today. For some reason he has a hard time seeing my ovaries. He found the left ovary but then didn’t really get a good picture on the right ovary. So he just said he didn’t see any follicles over there as of today. So maybe at the next ultrasound there will be some follicles on the right ovary as well.

I will start the shots of the hormone FSH tonight to help the follicles grow and to hopefully have more than one follicle ready for ovulation.

Thursday I go back for another ultrasound.

So as Dr. F said, “Things look good and you are right on schedule.”


  1. Pray Dave and I will continue to ultimately surrender our will for God’s Will and trust in His Timing.
  2. Pray for the 15mm follicle on left and 13mm follicle on right to continue growing to 18mm.
  3. Pray for tomorrow’s ultrasound (ovaries easy to find & follicle growth evident)
  4. Pray for many, healthy, mobile sperm to be available for insemination day.
  5. Pray we will conceive at some point.

One follicle on right and One follicle on LEFT

This morning I went in and wasn’t on that table more than a minute and S finds the LEFT ovary and declares, “You have an absolutely perfect follicle here. They don’t come better than this.” She printed off a picture and handed it to me to keep. This follicle on the left is 15mm. It looks like the other follicle on the left did stop growing which is perfectly normal and fine because our goal here is one healthy baby, not triplets!

Then she went to the right ovary and found it right away and announced that there is a 13mm follicle there.

Cycle One is still on go. I will go back tomorrow for another ultrasound to check growth once again. But in the words of S as we were leaving the ultrasound room, “Things are going perfect.”

When I asked S what would be done if the follicles are ready for ovulation/insemination on the weekend she said, “Then we do it on the weekend.” S says we will probably be ready for insemination on Saturday/Sunday or Sunday/Monday.

As the plaque in my living room states, “PRAYER CHANGES THINGS”. It does. And as I am learning, it can change not only our circumstances but our perspective on our circumstances too. Thank you for praying. Prayer requests to follow.