Little Bug continues to thrive

Little Bug continues to do so well! So well, in fact, that she is most likely coming home tomorrow! We should get the final word on that tomorrow morning.

She continues to score low and continues with her eating, diaper change, snuggle time with Mommy and Daddy, swaddle and sleeping routine.

She is just absolutely precious.


She already loves snuggle time with Daddy.


Little Bug continues to eat very well. She is now up to 5lbs. 10oz.


Here she is sucking down a bottle with her little feet crossed at the ankles! Cute as can be!


Aunt Amanda bought Little Bug some speakers and downloaded soothing music onto Dave’s IPod for Little Bug to listen to! We had the music playing all day long and I think babies all around benefited from it.


Some of the tunes were “Baby Praise Songs”. Here is Little Bug praising the Lord in her isolate as she listens to her IPod!



The blanket laying on Little Bug is the blanket Grace made with her sowing machine for Little Bug! Grace is an excellent seamstress even though she is only 10 years old!


This picture is for Grace … “Daddy Dave” holding Little Bug covered in the blanket Grace made for her!

Little Bug can’t wait to meet you, Gracie!



We just tucked Little Bug in for the night after she said her prayers!


Goodnight, Little Bug!

Tomorrow is going to be one special day … another milestone in this beautiful journey only God could have orchestrated.

Keep praying for Little Bug’s full recovery.

Life in the NICU

Life in the NICU is … wonderful.

I know the NICU is the last place a mother wants her baby to be in but God continues to bless Little Bug.

I know life right now could be a whole lot worse and life in the NICU is just fine with me.

Little Bug continues to do wonderfully. I tell every nurse we have that tons of people are praying for Little Bug.

I’d say today has been Little Bug’s best day. You know we were told from Day 1 in the NICU that the best thing for Little Bug is to get her on a routine because babies like her thrive on routine while going through withdrawals. (I’m a firm believer that babies and children in general thrive off structure and routine so this made total sense to me.)

Today I arrived at the hospital around 11am (Dave worked half a day today). I gave Little Bug her 11:30am feeding, held and snuggled with her for a little bit, changed her diaper, swaddled her back up and placed her back in her isolate where she slept until her 3:30pm feeding!

Daddy gave Little Bug her 3:30pm feeding and then I followed the same routine as before and we just left Little Bug sleeping. There are to be no visitors in the NICU during 6:30pm – 7:30pm while the staff undergoes shift change.

During that hour we run home and eat dinner. We will go back around 8pm. Little Bug is going to meet her Uncle Wesley (my brother) for the first time tonight!

Because Little Bug has stayed so calm and has been able to get plenty of rest all her scores have been low (between 3’s and 5’s) – EXCELLENT!!

While a stay in the NICU was certainly not my plan, I must focus on the positives. Little Bug has been in the best place possible as she has gone through what little withdrawals she has gone through. She is already on a feeding/sleeping schedule that will hopefully somewhat continue once coming home. And we have been able to see yet another miracle performed through the life of Little Bug in that she is doing remarkably well.

God’s faithfulness endures forever and ever. The NICU stay is no exception.


Little Bug’s arms were like this when I got to the hospital this morning! This shows her arms are relaxing and are not so tight! Her muscle tone is improving! Keep up the prayers!



Holding my baby girl wrapped in the Faith Blanket her Grandma made her.100_4846


Little Bug has a big sucking reflex due to withdrawals. However, typically the passy soothes her and then it falls out and she could care less! I am so happy about that because I wasn’t too excited about her getting hooked on a passy. Here you can see her using her passy as a pillow.100_4852

Keep praying for Little Bug’s recovery! She must stay in the hospital a minimum of 7 complete days. I was told by her nurse today that if she continues to do this well we may get to bring her home on Wednesday!

There is no doubt in my mind Little Bug is doing so well because masses of people continue to pray. Thank you so much.

Low Scores for Little Bug

I don’t think I’ve ever really explained how they score Little Bug for withdrawal symptoms.

Every 3 hours Little Bug is scored. If she scores three 8’s in a row the nurse will call the doctor and the doctor may decide she needs to be put on a medication to help her with withdrawals.

So far, Little Bug’s scores have ranged from a 0 (when she was asleep) to as high as the 8. However, Little Bug has never scored three 8’s in a row.

This is why I feel it is imperative that I sit by her beside all day long. The nurses have multiple babies they are responsible for. Little Bug is our world and if we can focus all our attention on her and sooth her before she gets too upset, her scores stay lower and she stays calmer and this will only help her recover faster.

Last night Little Bug’s scores were between a three and five.

Keep those prayers coming!!

Update on Little Bug

What a beautiful day today was!

Little Bug is doing well. However, we still must pray because going through withdrawals is a day to day battle that can change for the best or worst at any moment.

Today finishes Day 4 and so far she has not needed to be put on any kind of medication to help with the withdrawals, which is a HUGE praise the Lord!

The nurses at the hospital have all been excellent in keeping us informed as to what is going on with Little Bug.

An infant going through withdrawals from prescription drugs needs structure and routine. The best thing for Little Bug is to be in her isolate, swaddled snug as a bug and sleeping peacefully.

Dave and I are able to do her feedings, then we change her diaper, swaddle her back up and put her back in the isolate. She needs that isolate because the less she is stimulated and relaxes peacefully, the lower her scores will be AND the sooner she will get to come home!

Obviously, we would love to be able to hold her more, but we know for now this is what Little Bug needs and sitting with her by the isolate today was the most wonderful thing in the world today!

The main symptoms of withdrawal that Little Bug shows is excessive sucking, tight muscles (her arms especially) and slight tremors. There are so many more symptoms that she could show but isn’t!

The nurse tonight told me Little Bug is a very calm baby and this is very good. She said we just need to keep our fingers crossed. I said, “It isn’t fingers being crossed that is helping. It is the prayers of many!”

So, keep praying Little Bug through this phase. Tomorrow will be Day 5 and we have been told sometimes babies take a “turn for the worst” around Day 5. Please pray against that.

Please pray that Little Bug will continue to go through withdrawals without needing medication and be able to come home very soon!

We have been told these types of babies are in the NICU anywhere from five days to three months and there is really no way to predict how long Little Bug’s stay will be. It is a day to day process that just requires PRAYER!

Thank you for praying!


Little Bug is down to 5lbs. 6 oz. but I don’t imagine it will be long and she will start gaining because she is an excellent eater and her Daddy is an excellent feeder! 🙂



Looks like Baby Ethan is going home tomorrow!!