perfect time

I woke up this morning thinking of what life was like for my friend, Rebecca, just one year ago today.

July 17th, 2011.

It was her last day as a mother to one little boy, but she had no clue that it was!

It was just an ordinary day as they were waiting for God to bring them their second child through adoption.

I can remember talking to Rebecca about the wait and how it is so hard to just wait and wait without knowing when it is going to happen!

But then.

The clock struck midnight and July 17th turned into July 18th and although Rebecca wouldn’t know this for two more days, her second son, a beautiful little baby boy born nearly seven weeks premature, entered this world.

July 19th Rebecca awoke and lived yet another ordinary day. Taking care of Micah while her baby lay in a NICU bed as his birth mother wondered who his mother would be.

July 20th. Rebecca awoke to what she thought would be just another ordinary day. She had a doctor’s appointment and while she was there the lawyer she had just spoken to for the first time less than 48 hours prior called her numerous times because she needed to talk to Rebecca as soon as possible!

The rest of the story is about life turning extraordinary in the blink of an eye and waking up one day with only one son and waking up the next with two sons.

And all in the beautiful name of adoption.

The lawyer, Emily, asked Rebecca if she and her husband would be interested in this situation. In a whirlwind of emotions and last minute prep, Luke, Rebecca and Micah were chosen to be this baby’s family and they began the journey to come meet their new son and brother.

And just like that, their time of waiting was over. God knew all along the difference July 17th and July 18th would make.

He knew all along that, from Rebecca’s perspective, July 19th, was the last day she would have to wait. He knew all along July 20th would be the day that would change their lives forever in the addition of their second son, Levi, to their family.

God knew. As we wait, He knows our appointed days. It is all written out before Him. Beautifully and perfectly written out. When the day comes for Him to reveal His plan to us, nothing gets in His way.

Today, if you find yourself waiting, I pray you will see the beauty in Rebecca’s story. That she too was waiting and on this day, one year ago, she had absolutely no clue her days of waiting were quickly coming to an end.

That in just four days from now, she would be in a different state sitting in a NICU holding a tiny three pound baby boy that was her son!

But God knew.

He is the keeper of our clocks.

And He is never early or late.

Life happens and the ordinary always turns extraordinary in His perfect time.

Weekend with Rebecca!

We had an absolutely wonderful weekend with Rebecca and her family in town! As I wrote earlier, Levi’s adoption finalization was on Friday.


Friday and Saturday, we enjoyed hanging out together in between their visits to see Levi’s birth family. They were able to meet Levi’s birth mother for the very first time! Rebecca so beautifully wrote about meeting Ashley here.


One night (as Rebecca and I were up way too late!) we started reminiscing about last March when we first learned about each other.

It was quite a funny conversation!


Saturday night Rebecca’s family took my family out to Olive Garden to celebrate Levi’s adoption and as a thank you to my parents for opening their home to them while Levi was in the NICU. (As a side note, Sweet Pea did awesome! No overstimulation. I was even able to take her out of her cocoon [her car seat] and let her sit on my lap. She was smiling away! This was so encouraging to me!)


Sunday was church and then soon after lunchtime they hit the road to go back home.


The weekend flew by (as we knew it would) but we are so grateful that Levi is now officially and forever an Adams and we are thankful for the time we got to spend together!


As a general rule, I don’t really look forward to the month of January for multiple reasons.

This is Dave’s busiest month of work in the year due to the nature of his job. He works very long hours, especially towards the end of January. It gives me a glimmer into what life might be like for single moms and those whose spouse is serving in the military on deployment.

I also tend to feel some sadness about the Christmas Season being over. I LOVE the holiday season. I tend to love every time of year though for it’s different reasons. January is sometimes hard to love.

This January I have something really AWESOME to look forward to!!!

Rebecca’s family will be coming to town for Levi’s adoption finalization on January 27th!!

Her family will arrive on the 26th (17 days!!!) and spend the weekend with my parents. Since it is the end of January and Dave will most likely be working late during that time, I am packing up my girls and myself and we are going to go stay the weekend at my parents’ house too!

Rebecca has invited me to attend Levi’s adoption finalization which I am just thrilled about.

I cannot wait to see this precious baby boy officially become a part of their family forever!


Rebecca’s Miracle

I have seen God move and perform another miracle and I am completely in awe of his loving faithfulness.

Here is the story that brought Rebecca her miracle baby boy, Levi Luke:

Rebecca and her husband, Luke, decided they were going to to put in their application to Emily’s agency (the same agency I use) so that they would have a little more exposure.

July 18th, Luke and Rebecca had a phone conference with Emily at 6:30pm.

The next day, Rebecca was away from home and when she returned that afternoon she had a message from Emily that said, “A situation has come up. Please call me as soon as you can.”

Rebecca put her son down for a nap and called Emily.

Expecting her phone call, Emily answered right away but then asked if she could call Rebecca back because she was in the middle of taking care of something.

My cellphone alerted me that I had a new email in my inbox. I checked itt. It was Rebecca and she simply wrote “you around by chance?”

I got on my laptop and we started chatting. Rebecca told me that Emily wanted to talk to her about a possible situation.

We were both beside ourselves in excitement thinking there was a birth mother due in couple months that Emily wanted to show their profile to.

As we were chatting online, Rebecca typed, “phone” and I knew Emily had called!

Several minutes later, Rebecca was back online to give me the scoop.

It wasn’t a birth mother that was going to deliever in a couple months…it was a birth mother that had delivered (six weeks early) a 3lb. 15oz baby boy the PREVIOUS NIGHT and Emily wanted to know if Rebecca was interested!

To say Rebecca and I were shocked is an understatement.

Rebecca started seeing if the details could come together this quick on her end and I started praying. And praying. And praying.

Knowing and believing if this was Rebecca’s baby, God would make it happen, one way or another.

By that evening (July 19th), Emily had told Rebecca she would be at the hospital at 11am to show the birth mother Rebecca’s profile.

I told Rebecca I was leaving my house at 11am the next morning to go to the store to buy some preemie clothes in FAITH that this baby was hers.

I left my house right at 11am and just as I pulled onto the highway, my phone alerted me to a new email.

As I got to the parking lot of the store (safe driver that I am Smile ), I checked my phone to read the email, expecting another update from Rebecca.

Instead, it was a forwarded email from my mother that my mother’s friend, Cindy, had written her.

As I read the email my heart sunk to my knees.

This is what the email said:

I work with a lady whose expecting daughter had planned to put her newborn baby boy up for adoption when he arrived. The baby boy was born premature (3lbs.) this week, but he’s a little fighter and is now breathing on his own. They are working through [the name of my agency] (is that the one your daughter & husband went through?). The lady I work with said that the people they have lined up for them to interview so far already have children, and she said they would really prefer a couple who cannot conceive and have had no children as of yet. Do you or Elaine know of a couple who would meet their criteria for this adoption?

My mother was meeting me at the store, but I called her immediately after reading this and said, “I just read the email you forwarded me! I need Cindy’s phone number. I need to call her right now!!”

She was already waiting for me in the parking lot and came over to my car where she looked up a number she had for Cindy.

I called but only got voicemail, so my mom called the church office and asked for Cindy’s work number.

Cindy answered on the second ring!

I told Cindy that I was Norma’s daughter and she said, “Well, you must have gotten the email I wrote her earlier today!”

I said I had gotten it and that I knew the family that Emily was going to present to the birth mother today!

She was astounded.

I told Cindy that Luke and Rebecca do have one biological child but they are infertile now and have been told adoption is their only option to grow their family.

Before we hung up, Cindy said she would call the birth mother’s mother and tell her that from a very reliable source she gives Luke and Rebecca a very high recommendation.

I hung up with Cindy and just cried. My mom was right there and ready to tell me, “Elaine, GOD is in control!!! He’s got this!!!”

It was then that my mom informed me she had been to the hospital to pray with a woman and had decided to stop by the house on her way to meet me at the store. It was during this time that she decided to check her email and she read the email from her friend about this baby! Had she not stopped, she would not have gotten the email until late in the afternoon.

I looked at the clock and it was 11:30. Emily should have already been at the hospital talking to the birth mother! I wondered if Cindy had had enough time to get in touch with the birth mother’s mother.

At 12:30 I was to meet a friend for lunch. While we were siting at the table my phone alerted me to another email. It was Rebecca this time and she wrote saying she had just received an email from Emily saying she was talking to the birth mother RIGHT THEN! It was 1:15pm.

My heart soared because obviously Emily had been delayed and had not gotten to the hospital until closer to noon. This gave me hope that maybe my mom’s friend had been able to contact her coworker and put in a good word for Luke and Rebecca.

Around 3pm, my cell phone rang and it was a very excited Rebecca!

She said that the birth mother liked their profile and had chosen them!

Then she said, “But something really strange happened. The birth mom’s mother somehow knew that the couple was going to be a ‘Luke and Rebecca’. She knew this from an email or something like that.”

I told Rebecca, “You know who got that email this morning??”

She said, “Who??”

I said, “My mom!!!!”

After reading something like this, and reading how our match happened back in May, I don’t see how anyone could say there is not a GOD.

And not only a God, but a God who knows all things, controls all things and works out all things in His time and for His glory.

God’s hand is completely in BOTH of these situations.

I have witnessed TWO miracles in the span of two months!

To God be the Glory!

Click here for Rebecca’s post about all this! Very awesome!!!

Baby Boy has a Name!

Levi Luke


Those lips kill me! So adorable!

Levi is doing fabulous. He hit 4 pounds this weekend. He basically needs to learn to bottle feed and grow before he can be released from the NICU. The best estimate on when this will be is 2-3 weeks, but they just cannot be certain when he will be ready.

What Rebecca needs most right now is prayer. Prayer as she is away from her husband (he had to go back home to work) and as she balances the needs of Micah (her 3 year old son) and Levi.

As soon as she is able to post the story of how this all happened last week, I will post my version here!

Click here to read a Q&A post written by Rebecca this morning.

Baby Boy

I can’t give details yet about Rebecca’s adoption because it’s not my story to tell, but my mind is still swirling with what has taken place.

It’s nothing short of a miracle.

No doubt about it that GOD’S hand was in it all. Every last detail, big or small.

It is simply amazing and I really cannot wait to be able to share the story.

Here is Baby Boy:


So tiny. So precious.

A little BIG miracle!

When you truly grasp that God really is in control of everything and He has plans to prosper you and not to harm you, it totally changes everything.

The events that brought Sweet Pea to us and Baby Boy to Rebecca clearly proclaim to the world that GOD IS IN CONTROL.

When God moves, He MOVES and there is NO stopping Him.

I can’t stop thinking about all this! It is just crazy to think that Tuesday morning Rebecca woke up to an ordinary day that quickly became miraculous. And then 24 hours later, she was the mother of a brand new, teeny tiny three pound baby boy!

But that is God for you!

If we can just push away our need to control things and give it up to God, He does things beyond our wildest dreams.

Every time.

To GOD be the glory!