Thankfulness 2010

I can’t believe it is already November. This year has possibly gone by faster than any other year of my life. It does seen the older I get, the faster the years fly but this year beats all.

I did start this year out with a baby that lay in one spot on the floor and played with toys. And I am ending this year with a little girl who is daily saying more and more words and who never stays in one spot longer than five minutes.

Much has changed throughout this year. I have learned, as I have gotten older, that change really is the only constant in life.

While change and I usually aren’t the best of friends (because I like stability and predictability and change always has a way of swiping those out of the picture), I am extremely thankful for one change in my life – because it has literally changed my life forever.

I’m thankful for the endometriosis that has made me unable to conceive.

Because of my endometriosis my heart was opened to adoption. Without infertility, I highly doubt I would have given adoption the time of day and I would have missed out on one of the greatest miracles on earth.

Because of my endometriosis my heart has been filled with compassion for anyone going through what I went through. God has given me a platform to minister to people (mainly via my blog) in a way I would not have been able to before going through infertility myself.

Because of my endometriosis God taught me what Jeremiah 29:11 really means. Before infertility, I knew God had a plan for my life, but I didn’t know what that meant when God’s plan did not match mine. Jeremiah 29:11 means that, even when things don’t go according to the way I have planned them in my head, God’s way is always perfect and best. Still not being pregnant after 8 months of trying certainly wasn’t in my plan. Just like doing four IUI cycles and having them all fail and having surgery to remove endometriosis wasn’t in my plan. And being told IVF wouldn’t work for me either was the furthest thing from my mind. But God, in His Sovereignty, took all of that and wove it into the beautiful Miracle of Little Bug.

Because of my endometriosis I know how to get back up after a blow that knocks you to your knees and keep moving forward. With each failure, God taught me that I could not stay down for long because He was working His perfect plan in my life and He required me to keep going and to not throw in the towel of my faith or my trust in Him.

Because of my endometriosis I know I serve a faithful God. True to His word, His plans were better than anything I had imagined for myself. What could be better than Little Bug?


God used endometriosis to bring me Little Bug.

I am forever thankful for endometriosis.