Just Be Still

I keep a personal journal that I write in. I started writing in journals when I was 15 years old and I haven’t stopped.

Some of the things I write in my journals make it to the blog, but many things that I write stay right there in my journal.

I’ve decided I want to share some of the things I wrote during the time period of March 8th (when we first learned of this baby) until the time we were matched with this baby in May because God did such a tremendous work in my life during that time and I feel I can’t be quiet about it!

Today I share with you something I wrote in my journal on February 23rd, just two weeks before we learned of this baby:

It’s another time period where I need to be still and just know that God is GOD.

Just be still and know that God has a plan.

Just be still and know God will give me the strength for whatever is to come.

Just be still and know His Plan is beautiful.

Just be still and know I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

Just be still…

Instead of setting my mind on worry, I must set my mind on great expectations, because I know God is going to do something big again…for His glory.

I wrote this in reference to the drama we had just been through with Little Bug’s birth mother claiming she was pregnant, but then finding out after six weeks that she had either never been pregnant or miscarried and was not telling us. I wrote that in my journal three weeks after learning the truth.

While I was greatly relieved that we did not have to endure Tracy’s drama for six more months, I was anxious about the prospects of starting the adoption process again in the summer. There were so many unknowns and thinking about it all was just very overwhelming.

But, as always, God had a plan and it was bigger, and better, than anything rolling around in my mind that day.

Just thirteen days later, God started working the miracle He had planned all along…for His glory.